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We would like to see you in Adana Baro Tesisleri, which are among the most popular wedding venues in Adana!
There is no room for banality in the Adana Baro Tesisleri that try to offer the best and most professional of everything in the industry from camera shooting to music groups!
You can plan that wonderful night right away by visiting the Adana Baro Tesisleri that continue to serve you with perfect wedding concepts!

The journey of our valued guests, starting with the wedding and continuing with friendship, will always continue.
Endless thanks to your attention ...

Dealer meeting, Invitation and reception, Birthday, Henna, Corporate events, Graduation ceremonies, Engagement, Party, Circumcision wedding

Adana Baro Tesisleri, which loves green and protects nature, is at your service to spend great time for all its customers. Apart from the barbecue pleasure in the garden; We would be happy to offer you the best service if you wish to enjoy the fireside, our fasil nights, live time with your loved ones accompanied by live music, or start your day with a spreading breakfast and go to your work and have a nice weekend breakfast with your family.

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